When was Kishtwar District carved out of erstwhile Doda District=06-07-2006
What is the area of Kishtwar District=7824 sq.Km
What was the population of Kishtwar District as per 2001 census=1,92.009 souls
What was the scheduled caste population of Kishtwar as per 2001 census=11.713
What was the schedule tribe population as per 2001 census=27,913
What is the position of Kishtwar District in Jammu and Kashmir==Number 3
What is the number of constituencies in Kishtwar District=2
Literacy rate as per 2001 census=42.65%
What is the number of Revenue villages=156
What is the number of panchayats=134
Number of educational blocks =7
Number of Rural Development Blocks=8
Number of Niabets =10
Number of Patwar Halqas=41
Number of Tehsils=4
What is the area of land under forests in Kishtwar=124.23 sq.miles
What is the number of High Schools in Kishtwar=17(Boys) ,2 (Girls)
What is the number of Higher Secondary Schools in Kishtwar=12(Boys), 2(Girls)
What is the total number of Educational Institutions in Kishtwar=455
When was 1st.Primary School & Middle School opened in Kishtwar=1900 A.D & 1910 A.D
When was Primary and Middle School upgraded to High School=1922 A.D
When was High School Upgraded to Multilateral Higher Sec. School=1958 A.D
Who was the first historic king of Kishtwar=Kahan Pal
Who was the last ruler of Kishtwar=Mohd. Teg Singh
What is the length of river Chinab=570 Kms
What is the height of Kishtwar town above sea level=1634 Mts.
Name of the famous cash crop produced in Kishtwar=Saffron
Name of the costiliest blue stone found in Padder=Sapphire
Who opened first govt. school in Kishtwar=Maharaja Partab Singh
When was Doda-Kishtwar road open for vehicular traffic=1962
Who was the first Union Minister from Kishtwar=Om Mehta
Who was the first Minister from Kishtwar =Bashir Ahmad Kichloo
When was Batote-Kishtwar road declared as National Highway=1977
When was Degree college opened in Kishtwar=1986
Who was the first Member Parliment from Kishtwar=Om Mehta
Who was the first woman Member Parliment from Kishtwar=Krishana Mehta
What is the area of Chowgan=520 Kanal
What is the distance from Kaishtwar-Jammu=230 Kms.
When was Islamia Faridia HSS established=1905 A.D
When was Adarsh Balniketen HS established=1960 A.D
When was Bharty Vidya Mandir HS established =1974 A.D