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Hazrat Syed Shah Mohammed Fareed-Ud-Din Sahib

Ye holy name is Hazrat Syed Shah Mohammed Fareed-UD-Din Commonly known as SHAH SAHIB,Shah sahib were born in 1615 A.D in Bagdad,
Ye came from Bagdad in India during the reigm of Aurangzeb.
Ye Genealogy links to Hazrat Mehboob-e-Subhani Sheikh Abdul Qadir Geelani(R.H),According to relgious and family traditions,he started to devote his life in Islamiic fuctions from the very innocent age.It was time ,when the family of Gouse-al-azam was just a religious institute and different people from different countries used to come and quench their spiritual thirst.
Hazrat Syed Shah Mohammed Fareed-ud-din sahib after having exalted and elegated for the duty of spirituality and receiving the hidden sign of his respected spiritual guide,Hazrat Syed Shah Sahib first splinded at Sindh India,where Hazrat Shah Sahib illuminated the hearts of thousands of people by the illustrious mission of Prophet Mohammed (on whom be peace and blessing of God)the greatest model and hero of Islam.
Shah Sahib setted at kishtwarin 1664 A.D during the reign of Raja Jai Singh.After the abdicate Raja Jai Singh,his son assumed Kingship.After accession,Kireet Singh entered in Islamic religion by the holy and august of azrat Syed Shah Mohammed Fareed-ud-din
Shah Sahib waded through high and snowy mountains and thousands feet deep and hidden passes to give the holy message of God to every person.Out of these some parts are in such a position where it is very difficult to reach even at this time
After illuminating Distt.Doda in general and especially bright and grandeur Kishtwar with the light of God,left this place for good.On the score of light blessed by Hazrat Shah sahib kishtwar is flourishing with root and branch in afull glory.Holy shrine of Shah sahib is in the west of town kishtwar.Shah sahib left this mortal world in 1696 A.D .Hazrat were buried in his own parleur.The holy and blessed day of Hazrat Shah Sahib is celebrated on 20-21 Mune (7 har)every year and many people of different religions from all over the state Jammu and Kashmir and also several other parts of India come and quench their spritual thirst by the blessing of Shah Sahib

Family of Shah Sahib
  • Syed Shah Akhyar-Ud-Din Sahib
  • Syed Shah Asrar-Ud-Din Sahib
  • Syed Shah Mohammed Anwar-Ud-Din Sahib

(All the above data was copied from the book Ocean Of Sirituality By Syed Zubeer Ahmad)

Religious places

Bhandarkote Cave

There is a small cave at Bhandarkote just above the Bhandarkote bridge over chinab river.Sheikh Zain-ud-din wali is believed to have stayed in it for many years.The sheikh who hailed from kishtwar later moved to kashmir.Bhandarkot is about 12 km from kishtwar town

Sarthal Devi

Sarthal is is at a height of 7000 feet above sea level.Sartal Devi Like the shrine of Vaishno Devi attracts devotees throughout the year.The Shrine comprises a temple containing a one-piece black stone image of the goddess with eighteen arms.
There are two other temples near the shrine one of Seetla Devi(goddess of small pox)and other of Shiva

Shri Chandi Devi Mandir, Machhail

This temple is situated at Padder.The fame of this temple has spread much for some years.Machhail is about 8500 feet above the sea level.This place is surrounded by snow peaked mountains.

Gori Shankar Temple

Situated to the east of sarkoot talab and on the western end of the chowagan, gori shankar temple is the most ancient temple of this ares.this temple holds a central place of kishtwar.the janam ashtami and sarthal devi procession start from this gori shankar temple. for some years the new construction of the temple has been in progress. the temple has been transformed into a big building. many eminent saints can be seen performing penance there. the temple is attractive due to its picturesque location also

Ragunath and Shivji Temple

Both these temples are situated in Baghwan Mohalla towards the east of Kishtwar town.These temples have been built in Dogra Reign.The buildings are old and simple.The Janam Ashtami festivals are celebrated in these temples.These temples are situated at the little distance on the upper side of Kishtwar Bus stand.The Hindu consider these temples very important.

Hindu Temples