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University of Jammu Kishtwar Campus

University of Jammu started programme in Information technology from the Session 2010-11. There is a Administrative Block and a Faculty Rooms. The distance of Kishtwar from Jammu is 230 kms. The Campus is located near Degree College Kishtwar.
Kishtwar is bounded on the north by Kashmir and Zanskar Valleys, on the south by Bhaderwah and Doda, on the east by Himachal Pradesh and on the west by Anantnag and Ramban Districts. Kishtwar district branches off in four valleys of Marwa, Warwan, Padder and Chatru with their terminal at Kishtwar town. The Gateway to Dachhan is Ekhala and Hanzel to Marwa Warwan Valley whereas Lidrari is Gateway to Padder valley and Dadpath Chatru Valley.


  • MA Kashmiri
  • MSC Geology
  • MSC IT


Teaching Facility

The classrooms are equipped with multimedia and audio-visual equipment to facilitate effective learning. They are designed to promote maximum interaction between the faculty and the students. There are four Teaching Rooms equipped with the latest facilities


Computing facilities for the students include 3 labs with almost All computers connected to the centralized servers with Wi-Fi Internet. There are Two Computing Labs For Geology Department and One for M.Sc IT Department. Every workplace on the campus, including faculty rooms, offices, computer labs, library and administrative offices, has network connectivity.


The library includes large number of books, national and international periodicals in addition to the project reports. The center aims to facilitate production & dissemination of knowledge, information, insights & intellectual contribution in all areas of education among the academic and business community. The library resource center is fully automated and for this we have specialized user-friendly library software . The center has adopted latest information technologies like CD, DVD, Multimedia Kits, Text and Graphic Scanners. The user community has access to the entire collection through CD, DVD, Hard Disk..

Hall of Residence

The Campus has resident-hall facilities for boys and girls separately. Both the halls are located on the campus. The resident rooms are spacious and well-furnished. The students are required to have their own computers in their rooms. They also have sports and other recreational facilities. Residents are expected to adhere to a set of rules and regulations. There is mess Facility in both the Residencial Hostels.

Faculty House

There is a Faculty House for the Faculty of the campus as most of the faculty of the Campus is from far off places. The basic and the necessary facilities in the building have been provided. Kishtwar Campus, University of Jammu acquired a building for the facility of the faculty, in which more of the members can be accommodated.

Guest House

There is a Guest house to provide accommodation to the Guests from the main campus including the Guest faculty for the courses run by the campus. It not only provides accommodation to the visiting faculty and examiners of Kishtwar Campus but also to the Guests of various Faculty members and students at very nominal charges.

Play Ground

Kishtwar Campus, University of jammu also provided the Play ground facility to the students for Outdoor Games. There is a Volley-Ball Court for The students of the Campus to Enhance the physical activities.
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Islamia Faridia

In 1904, Islamia Faridia Primary School was opened for the children of Kistwar. The dignitaries that were responsible were Khwaja Khazer Joo Agoo, Syed Amirullah, Pir Saifudin, Khwaja Nasrullah Haf, Khwaja Ghulam Rasool Kripak, Abdul Subhan Agoo, Ghulam Rasool Kamgar, etc. Mr. Nandlal was the first Head Master of the school. The school runs by private donations and government funds.
In 1943, the school was upgraded from Primary to Middle School. The new head master was Mr. Noor Din. Then in 1967, it was upgraded again to High School. From 1946-1986, Mr. Ghulam Rasool Hamal was the Head Master. He dedicated his life to educate children of Kishtwar. Many of his students that have graduated from the school are famous Doctors, Engineers, Professors, and etc. He is respected in the field and around the town. Another teacher, Mr. Ghulam Rasool Dar, has dedicated his 35 years of his life. In 1980, Mr. Abdul Wahid Kripak and Mr. Abdul Kabir Kripak added a new building for the school.and renovated the old building.
Many students have come back and served for the school. Few are teachers and few help run the school in the management. One of such person was Late Mr. Bashir A. Kichloo. He served as a Cabinet Minister for the Jammu & Kashmir. As a Chairman of the Auqaf Islamia, he worked hard to improve the school. He renovated the whole building and added separate building for the girls. He also added science laboratories, computer room and Library for the new generation of Kishtwar. Because of his dedication and hard work, this building is one of the best in the town. When you enter in the school, you can see the difference he has made to the school. For this and many reasons he will be missed.
Every year during the month of November 10-12, there is a celebration where the students perform for the dignitaries and alumni of the Kishtwar. The school proudly celebrated its 95th anniversary in 2000.
I started my studies in this school in 1980 as a 6th grader. I wanted to fulfill my maternal grandfathers (Mr. Sanaullah Rathore) dream. He had also dedicated his life as a teacher in this school. I exceeded in my studies as well as learned Islamic teachings. I also took part in the cultural events. I graduated in 1985. I then went to further my education in government higher secondary school in Kishtwar. After that I went to Jammu College for further studies. I would like to say thanks to few of my teachers who helped me achieve my goals. They are Mr. Ghulam Rasool Hamal, Master Lashman Das, Mr. Mohd. Abdullah Malik, Mr. Chunni Lal Goswami, Mr. Ghulam Rasool Dar, Mr. Abdul Rashid Sheikh, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Gundana, Mulana Abdul Bari, and Mr. Sri Krishan.
Few of my dearest friends that had graduated with me from Islamia Fraidia School were Syed Arif Hussain, Wasim Bashir Dev, Khalid Abas Munshi, Tariq Masood Sheikh, Farooq Ahmad Kandoo, Gulam Haider Sheikh, Abu-Lais Gagroo, Ishtaq Husain Waza, Sajad Hussain Ahanger, Sajad Ahmad Malik, Wasim Ahmad, Shafqat Hafiz Munshi, Ibrar Ahmad Moghal,Haq Nawaz Sheikh,Mohd.Iqbal Rangraze,Ajaz Ahmad Kichloo, Shabir Ahmad Dar, etc. Most of these friends have become professionals and are well settled in their lives. I will always remember them and cherish the moments that we had spent at Islamia Fariadia School.

Asif Iqbal Naik 11/06/2006(Email)

Kishtwar:- Anjuman Islamia Kishtwar presently known as Islamia Faredia Educational and Research Institute completes its 101 years in the field of Education. On this Ocassion three days function was organised on 10th, 11th and 12th of November every year in which the number of political and non political dignitries of the state participated including the Chief Minister,s of the time. The journey of struggle for existence starts in the year 1905A.D when the Anjuman Islamia Kishtwar was headed by Kazar Joo Agoo as President And Kh. Ghulam Rasool Kamal as secretary with the help of members like Kh. Mohammad Sabir Kripak, Kh. Abdul Gani Kripak, Kh. Nassar Joo Hap, Kh. Ghulam Rasool Kamgar, Kh. Lassa Joo Zarger, Ghulam Mohammad Tapal, Syed Hussan Shah and others laid the foundation of Primary school for providing the Education to children irrespective of any Caste, Colour and creed on the understanding that the Education being the basic requirement of the Human Beings, because without Education it is very difficult to differentiate the things between good and evil. It was the regime of Maharaja Partap Singh as the Principality had been conquered by Maharaja Gulab Singh in the year 1821 A.D who had reduced the principality into Zila and subsequently into Tehsil by annexing the territory of Kishtwar and Ramban with Udhampur District. As the Kishtwar was drought prone from the very beginning, so the management had to face difficulties for running the affairs of the Primary School. But the people of time did not lose their hearts and faced the obstructions bravely. In spite of limited sources available, it was a fact that the management managed to run the affairs of school successfully by the grace of Almighty and with the Benevolence of Hazrat Shah Mohammad Fared-ud-Din Baghdadi (RET). In the beginning, the teaching staff included Ghulam Haider Shah, Mohammad Akram Sialcoty now in Pakistan, Mohammad Abdullah Butt, Ghulam Haider Gagroo, Nand Lal, Thakur Boop Ram, Anant Ram with the help of many other educated personalities of that time. Anjuman progressed by leaps and bounds. With the courage of the management and help of the poor people of the area, at last the primary school of Anjuman was upgraded to Middle standard in the year 1968 and was led by Chowdhary Noor Din of Dool Kishtwar, who had successfully graduated himself from Punjab University. After Chouwdhary Noor Din, the school was led by Syed Lutfullah Udhanpuri for some time and then Kh. Ghulam Rasool Hamal took over the charge as Headmaster of the Middle School. He worked hard and got the Middle School Upgraded to High school standard. After his retirement at the age of Sixty, the first badge of school students who successfully graduated themselves from Jammu University after passing the basic education from this very school took over the charge of school among those are Tahir Hussain Hap and Shahid Hussain Lone . After the death of Kh. Kazar Joo Agoo, the charge of the management was held by his son Kh. Abdul Subhan agoo from 1941 up to 1972 and later onwards by various Administrators appointed by the Government after Auqaf Act was passed by Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly which includes the great political leader of the J & K State Late Alhaj Bashir Ahmed Kichloo and presently the charge of management is being held by his elder son Kh. Tanver Ahmed Kichloo from 9/2001. It was the sincere efforts made by the Kh. Bashir Ahmed kichloo who was the architect of present position of the institute because the infrastructure at the initial stages was upon land in Marla’s; where as the present structure has spread over more than 10 Kanals. The structure erected is depicted to good architectural design as spacious where the student’s rights from Kindergarten to Higher Secondary classes are accommodated. The number presently is estimated more then 1500. In addition to this, the BEd classes are also running from whom the structure has the capacity of 500 students. Although the selection made by the Jammu University is to the extent of 350 seats. It has Hostel facilities for girls as well boys are available which includes about 100 seats for girls. The position of the staff who is working in both BEd College and school are all qualified performing the requirements of the State Board and Jammu University rules. The further progress of the Institute is depend able on the efforts to be made by the public by means of contributing generously through the means of Wealth, Finance and other sources so that the Institution may become the source of Higher Education up to the standard of university level like that Mata Vashnu Devi and Baba Ghulam Shah University Rajouri in future. Presently the Islamia faredia Eduction and research Institute is running a Bed college, A full Flaged Higher Secondary School having separate Middle Block in which Boys and Girls are getting the Educational facilities under the over all able leadership of Kh. Tanver Ahmad Kichloo, its President and prominent Retried Education Officers like Kh. A.M.Aziz as Deputy Director of the Institute and Kh. Ghulam Rasool Kelam as Principal Higher Secondary School. It is due to their sincere and hard working attitude that the Institute has making paramount progress in over all Educational activities and other curricular activities. The school has won name and fame in all the spheres through out the Jammu Province

Bharti Vidya Mandir High School Kishtwar

The instituation Bharti Vidya Mandir was established on Feb,17th 1974 at Hidyal Village.For last 17 years the institution has been functioning smoothly and conceding a perennial,solid contribution to noble cause of education.A brief account of the Honour’s and Achievements are given here to highlight the relevance and objectivity of this mission of service and education.
From the every begining the institution is facing a tremendous pressure due to increasing demands of admission.Inspite of tough and tight admission,today there are nearly five hundred students in the school as compared to 1974,when the institution was started with 30 students only.Nearly 200 students are in the waiting list today.

Aishiana hostel the home for orphanage

A number of children have been rendered orphans since their families have been wiped out by the terrorists. There are a few other children also whose parents have died and are homeless. At that time there was no infrastructure existing at Kishtwar for rehabilitation of these children. There was thus an urgent requirement to provide an orphanage at Kishtwar where these children could be rehabilitated and provided necessary boarding and lodging. The arrangements to impart the necessary education also needed to be worked out in consultation with the Civil Administration.
The requisite land for the project has been provided by the civil administration. The cost of the subject project is Rs 15 lakhs. The structure comprises of one living hall for 30 children, one room for administration staff, one dining hall with cook house, and store with verandah and boundary wall. All electrical and sanitary fitments have also been provided so as to make the hostel functional in every aspect.
The management of the said hostel has been assigned to social reforms and Charitable Organization (SRCO) w-e-f 23-01-2005. Initially SRCO ensured and shoulder all the responsibilities with out any support/financial help from any quarter. At present 25 beneficiaries are enrolled in this hostel who is accommodated with all the necessities likewise Boarding/Lodging, education, Health, Games, Clothing.
SOS children village of India has been kind enough to provide assistance by way of meeting the expenditure of mess for these beneficiaries to some extent and other deficiencies are being arranged by the organization on its own.
SRCO is providing free education to all these inmates in different Govt/Private institution of its own, beside all this two part time highly qualified teachers Amer Jeet Parihar (M.A. Sociology) and Taskena Begum B.A (M.ed) have engaged to provide tuition facilities to these inmates. Moreover, stress is being made for moral education anhd earning good name both for themselves and contribution towards the society.
SRCO has hired part time services of Dr. G.M.Naquib senior B>Grade specialist and weekly checkup is being conducted at hostel premises and free medicines is being provided if required.
Games like Cricket, Volley Ball and other out door games are being played by the inmates of this hostel under close supervision of Hostel staff headed by physical education teacher Mr. Yash Paul Kotwal.
Uniform and other cloths according to the feasibility of the seasion are being provided by the organization to these inmates from its own sources.
This organization has proposed vocational training courses like computer education to the student in order to made them selves sustainable and full Skilled to earn their livelihood by way of adopting self employment schemes and also to avail the opportunities adjusted in various services.
To strengthen the infrastructure efficiently as well as increase quality of services of the Ashiana by constructing a hall and five to accommodate more inmates. For all this SRCO requires help from all quarters of life so that more children’s could be accommodated in Ashiana Orphanage so that, the feature of these orphans be nourished properly to make their future bright and turn their misfortune into fortune and full of joys. For contribution and help please contact Sanjev Parihar President Social Reforms and Charitable Organization Kishtwar 182204 or on Mb.No 9419227208